Thursday, May 1, 2014

Signatures - my grandpa Korstange

I saw a blog on here when I first started that focused on the signatures of that individuals ancestors.  I wish I could link to it and give credit for the idea but I can't find it now.  It did get me wondering - what signatures do I have?  I have a lot of old Dutch records saved on my computer that have wonderful signatures on them and various other documents with more recent signatures.  When I started doing this I realized I had a lot of my grandpa's signatures from his Navy and work career.  He passed away in December and I wrote quite a lot about him then (before my blog) so I haven't written about him on here yet.  I'm sure I'll get a good blog about him going eventually but for now here's an evolution of his signatures that I could find.

  This was his signature when he wrote his aunt Ruth while he was in the Naval Academy in 1944.

         This was his signature on the "Photo Finisher" identification he carried during WWII, 1945

              This is from his Naval identification that was issued after his discharge in 1946

                                              Fast forward to his 1962 voter registration

                             And his 1970 employer identification for the City of Wyoming

In 2009 he signed a letter to the VA while filing for a disability claim.  He had to spell out why he was eligible and this letter got him an almost immediate approval of his "100% disability"

This was signed on my marriage license 11/8/2013, just 42 days before he passed away.  He was so weak and sick and sore but when I asked if he would be my witness he said "of course, I can still write my name".  It took a long time for him to sign the 3 copies and the ravages of age certainly show but I'm glad I had him do this.

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  1. I see similarities between your handwriting and your grandpa's, specifically in how you write out your last name. Kinda cool.