Sunday, June 8, 2014

My prolific 4th great grandfather Samuel Hogmire

I've been working on the FamilySearch online tree for about 5 months now and got to focusing on Samuel and his descendants.  I finally finished updating all of the incorrect information and attaching sources and got the line as complete as I can with the resources at hand.  It got me asking just how many descendants of this man have I recorded?  That may seem like an odd question to ask given that he was only my 4th great grandfather BUT he had 20 children I can prove and 2 infants that allegedly died young.  Of the 20 that survived to adulthood, 18 had families and 17 still have living descendants out there!

Instead of typing it all out here is his findagrave memorial with all of his children linked:
Samuel Hogmire

Samuel's family tree sometimes reads more like a family bush.  It took me hours to compile these numbers because I couldn't keep some of the lines straight!  Here are the raw numbers (again, this is only what I've documented - it's actually probably closer to triple this):

2 wives
20 (probably 22) children
90 grandchildren
150 great grandchildren
251 2nd great grandchildren
332 3rd great grandchildren
304 4th great grandchildren
167 5th great grandchildren
17 6th great grandchildren

Grand total of 1333 documented descendants!

As you can see, the numbers go up as expected until the 2nd great grandchildren when they start not keeping pace.  I'm comfortable that I have all of his grandchildren and most of his great grandchildren documented.

The numbers are skewed because of the following:
  • Samuel's son Conrad had a son Mitchell who married his 1st cousin Jane, daughter of Samuel's son Andrew.  
  • Samuel's daughter Caroline's son Adelbert married his 1st cousin Cora, daughter of Samuel's son Edward.
  •  Samuel's son David married his half-sister Eveline's daughter Delaney (what relation is that?).
  • Samuel's grandson Edgar (via son Melvin) had a daughter that married William Strickfaden, son of Eliza Hogmire who was a daughter of Samuel's son Elizur.  This one is more complex but still........

In my next blog I'll share some of the stories I got about Samuel and his children.  If you're descended from Samuel (or know someone who is) I'd love to hear from you.  I've taken this family on as the family I've tried to make as complete as possible. 

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  1. Samuel is my 4th great grandfather, as well. Through Melvin, then William, who changed his last name to Howard in order to marry his wife. It would seem, my grandmother was a bit of a snob, and for some reason didn't want to be a Hogmire! :) Theit daughter Rosetta was my Grandmother's mother. I have some information about the railroad taking most of their land, that I've never seen online. I think it was why they went to Michigan. Have you come across anything else related?