Thursday, April 17, 2014

More maddeningly unidentified photos

 More potentially awesome family photos that I stumbled upon.  My 2nd great grandmother Gertrude Wieghmink married Albert Kraai.  Her parents were Jan Harm Wieghmink (1936-1903) and Hilligien Mepjans (1836-1909).  She had a sister Everdina Nykamp and her granddaughter let me scan these photos.  They were in her mother's photos and she was "pretty sure" that these are Wieghmink and Mepjans related.

The woman in the back right corner resembles Gertrude but I can't be sure.  There is 1 too many males in the family photo to cover her siblings.

This 2nd photo is even more confusing as it is clearly a 4 generation photo but the mothers of both Jan Harm and Hilligien died in Germany before the family arrived in Michigan.  Jan Harm had an aunt that he came here with but why would she be here with Hilligien instead of Jan Harm?  I have no photos of Jan Harm to compare to these photos but I do have a couple confirmed photos of Hilligien (one is terrible quality).  What do you think?  Is the woman below the same woman from these 2 photos?

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