Thursday, April 17, 2014

My biggest pet peeve - unidentified photos

I decided I'm going to have to slide some shorter posts in here with my posts that are more genealogically in-depth.  I was going through my photos last night showing my wife a couple of pictures and I saw several that I have labeled as "probably so and so" and it got me thinking about how unfortunate it is that some of my photos aren't identified.  Here's my first batch:

 I got these photos from the home of Nila Muche Stratton.  My 2nd great grandmother Augusta Muche Comstock (wife of G.D. Comstock I wrote about earlier) was the daughter of  Gustif  and Wilhelmina Schumann Muche.  Wilhelmina had several brothers and her mother that came to America, settling in Allegan Co MI and I believe that these are this family.  Nila's father Daniel Muche was the son of Robert Muche, Augusta's brother.  When I visited with her she gave me these two absolutely wonderful photos and told me she's sure they are of the Schumann family. 
She identified the man on the back right corner as her grandfather Robert Muche (I have my doubts).  The woman in the front left corner she identified as Lamila Born, daughter of Augusta's sister Alvina.  If Nila was correct and Robert Muche and Lamila Born are in these photos there is no way these aren't Schumann related.  Hopefully someday I'll know the answer because I have a picture of Wilhelmina's mother Beate Monties (my 4th great grandmother) but not Wilhelmina (my 3rd great grandmother) even though Wilhelmina outlived her mother by 11 years.  I suspect Wilhelmina is in one of these photos.........but which is her?

The two photos on the right here are confirmed photos of Wilhelmina's brothers William Frederick Schumann (1848-1914) and August Schumann (1837-1913).  It almost strikes me that William would be the man in the middle of the back row (bottom picture) and that August could be the man between him and the alleged Robert.  What do you think?

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